Review: Penguin Sport-Wash

Penguin Sport-Wash – “Keeps modern fabrics High-Tech”

What it is: Penguin Sport-Wash: Detergent made for high tech fabrics. It keeps their breathability. Also, removes odors.
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What it’s for: active wear.

How to use: use one cap full instead of regular detergent in your washing machine. Can also be used to hand wash.

Does it work? Yes. My main attraction to this product was removing odors. For some reason a lot of my running gear has a stink to it, even after I just washed it!

Sport-wash did help eliminate many of this issue. some of my older, stinkier gear did not become completely odor free, but I do think using this stuff from the very beginning would have prevented that.

Would I get it again? I don’t typically purchase things like this, but I had a 25% off discount coupon at my local running store and this was something  that caught my eye. I would hate to have to purchase a separate detergent for my running gear, but if it implies keeping my clothes from smelling Camiseta Rangers FC I am tempted to stick with it.

Any negatives? The only negative would be Camiseta Bologna FC 1909 cost. A small bottle lasts about 20 washes and is $10.0. Also, I believe to really  make it effective it has to be used consistently.

Hope you delighted in the review! pleased Sweating ?



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