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Is chocolate milk the best recovery drink after a run or workout? talking to Running coach Jason Karp about the study and what other drinks they tested. plus the most random thing that’s happened to me at the grocery store! follow @RunEatRepeat on Instagram for updates and go to for the notes.

Today I’m talking to Dr. Jason Karp –  one of the authors of the original study on chocolate milk as a recovery drink.  I’ve been wanting to cover this topic for a while and was all set to talk to an RD when it somehow came up that Jason – who I’ve known for a few years now, worked Camiseta TSG 1899 Hoffenheim on the first trial. WHAT! So I asked him to break it down for us and explain the study, chocolate milk’s benefits and other options for fuel that can work.

I created Run eat almost 10 years ago to document my marathon training and health journey. since then… I’ve run over 30 marathons, 50 half marathons, lost 20 pounds and the site grew an incredible following and now it’s also a podcast!

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Warm Up: 

Okay… I know the warm ups are random – but this is going to be extra. It’s a lil story about how someone with red hair can in fact be Mexican and how that can be confusing to a random racist at the grocery store. 

This true story may involve people with questionable mental health (both mine and the stranger). and I try to find the teachable moment for myself in it.

What would you do if someone who didn’t seem to be in a reasonable and rational state said something defamatory about your ethnicity? 

Lessons from the interaction:

– I should learn to use my ‘inside voice’

– maybe I need another grocery store?

– Mexicans can have red hair

  Jason Karp PhD – Running coach & author on the chocolate Milk recovery drink Study

JASON KARP, PhD – is a running coach and creator of Run-Fit and revolution Running a running coach certification program. He’s the author of several running books covering topics from running for weight loss to marathon training. Camiseta SSC Napoli and he’s one of the authors of the study, ‘Chocolate Milk as a Post-Exercise recovery Aid’ which was published in the international Journal of sport Nutrition and exercise Metabolism in 2006.

He’s here to tell us how they did that study, the other drinks they tested and the types of workouts that would benefit the most from it.

More information and links to the study Camiseta Sevilla FC will be on Run eat

Read the study here (it’s a pdf): chocolate Milk as a Post-Exercise recovery Aid

Chocolate Milk as a recovery drink Highlights:

– Why chocolate Milk is a good recovery drink

– What other drinks they tested

– how the study was conducted

– What type of person / athlete needs a recovery drink

– how long into a run should you eat or drink something

– other options for recovery drinks

– best timing to refuel

– If Jason gets a lifetime supply of chocolate milk

Jason Karp is a running coach located in the San Diego area. follow him and read more here:

Run-Fit – coach & chief Running Officer

REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ – creator & chief Running officer Running coach program

He’s @Dr Jason Karp on Instagram

8x Author, including Running a Marathon For Dummies

2011 idea personal trainer of the Year

USA national team Member, 2013 Maccabiah Games

Books by Jason Karp:

The inner Runner

Run Your Fat Off


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